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Schedule with us and we will clean the dirt and grime out of your carpets. Providing pre-treat up to 3 areas for breaking up heavy soil and oil residue, and then use a portable steam cleaner. We have special equipment and preferred cleaning solutions to get your home or office looking clean again!

The following are our professional cleaning services:

Basic Carpet Cleaning - $0.30/sq. ft. | Staircase Cleaning - $60.00 /each

Rug Cleaning | Eco/Green Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning | Steam Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning - $1.00 /sq. ft. | Stain Protection

Stain Removal | Odor Removal


Have you cleaned your seats since you bought it? Over time human oils and debris (coins, food, hair) become embedded in the upholstery. We help clean off the dirt and grime to make your man chair smell and feel new again. We provide:

Loveseat or Chair Cleaning

 Sofa and Sectional Sofa Cleaning

 Upholstery Cleaning

 Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning


We also offer carpet repair and replacement services:

•Carpet Repair

• Tack Strip/Transition Replacement - Starting at $45.00

• Carpet Patching - Starting at $25.00

• Carpet Stretching - Starting at $50.00

This even outs carpet wrinkles, ripples, and lumps so no one will ever trip on them!

Custom Job Services:

We will give a quote if the work you need does not fit into one of our standard categories.

 Please provide as much detail as possible.